Because the long arc of the universe bends toward justice.

Someone once said “We are socialized without our consent.” As the debate about moving toward marriage equality heats up again, a new message of Crying Wolf is being raised:

“Don’t let the gays impose their lifestyle on us!”

Excuse me, but it’s not the gays and lesbians who will be imposing on the heterosexual lifestyle. Minority groups work for equality and justice, not for everyone to become identical and homogenous.

Historically, it’s been the heterosexuals who have been imposing on the GLBTQ community:

  • So far, heterosexuality has been imposed upon gays and lesbians who haven’t had the inner strength to be who they are called to be and to love how they are called to love.
  • The imposition of heterosexuality onto gays and lesbians has looked like excluding certain men and women from religious traditions or even faith communities.
  • The imposition of heterosexuality has looked like pressuring certain men and women to enter into heterosexual marriages against their better judgment.
  • The imposition of heterosexuality has looked like censoring certain materials to keep them out of religious books, out of certain libraries, out of the public eye.
  • The imposition of heterosexuality has looked like banning certain youth from living at home with the single parent or the married parents who raised them.
  • The imposition of heterosexuality has looked like bullying elementary school kids and middle school kids who maybe look different or act different from the bullies themselves.

And what does bullying look like?

I’ll include that in another post.


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