Because the long arc of the universe bends toward justice.


    Sounding the “Protect Our Children/Protect Marriage” alarm is the equivalent of Crying Wolf.

    Compare the recent history of ads in other states as “crying wolf.” Interview married straight couples who have lived “side by side” with legally/equally recognized same-sex couples–especially from IA–to talk about how/whether same-sex marriage has threatened their own straight marriage and/or their kids.


    Show a person going into a voting booth. Person pulls out a sheet of paper with a list of “Reasons for amendment” and “Reasons against amendment” (be careful to align “for” and “against” with choices that relate directly to the choices on the ballot). Person hovers over the proposed amendment; zoom in on reasons. Last one or two on “Reasons against” say,

    “The DOMA law already hurts many Minnesotans. This will hurt more.” and “Equality is coming.” Person circles one or the other; checks box/fills in circle for NO.

    Alternate ending: Voter fills in YES, acts uncertain, goes to turn in ballot but before doing so, goes up to election judge instead: “I made a mistake and need a new ballot.”


    Identify outstanding scholars and athletes who are middle school, high school, and college students, as well as talented and gifted younger kids, maybe even young adults, who were raised by same-sex couples. Be sure to include children of color. Also identify kids from straight couples. Mix them together, maybe a line of 30-50 of them, or flash their faces one at a time. Then ask the question,

    “Can you tell which of these outstanding, talented children are from households with two parents of the same gender? Children don’t grow into healthy adults because they have a mother and a father. They grow into healthy, well-adjusted adults because they are loved for who they are.”


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