Because the long arc of the universe bends toward justice.

Ideas to be used in print advertisements, video, leaflets, TV ads, etc.

1. Don’t mess with Minnesota Nice.

2. It’s not nice to vote on someone else’s relationship.

3. Marriage is about love, not about gender.

4. Same-sex marriage doesn’t threaten marriage. Divorce, affairs, and irreconcilable differences do.

5. Your anonymous vote hurts my marriage.

6. A vote to define marriage as being only between a man and a woman is like a big bully who preys on other kids just because they’re different.

7. Groups that say that same-sex marriage goes against the Bible or hurts children are crying Wolf. This time, Minnesota, let’s not listen to their false alarms.

8. The Catholic Church is deliberately working to insert their own religious beliefs into how Minnesotans are to be governed. (See Catholic writer Richard Rodriguez’ comments here.)

9. Keep the Catholic Church in the church, not the bedroom.

10. If religious people want all Americans to be authentic and truthful, then GLBT people must be encouraged to be fully who we are with access to full and equal protections, rights, and privileges afforded all citizens.


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