Because the long arc of the universe bends toward justice.


Freedom To Marry‘s report on Why Marriage Matters (as a pdf file), including tips on how to lift up shared values and about reframing the conversation on what marriage “gives” to all couples and families.

What happened with California’s failed campaign to defeat Proposition 8: what worked, what didn’t; what ads and responses were or weren’t effective

Melissa Harris-Perry’s 2011 article on LGBT advocates and their need for a public, progressive faith

Warren Blumenfeld addresses scapegoating and stereotyping of the GLBT community

Abby Ferber points out how heterosexual privilege and adultery by straight men feed into the accusation that same-sex marriage will destroy straight marriage

Wikipedia’s entry on Anita Bryant’s “Save Our Children” homophobic campaign in the 1970s

NPR story on upcoming 2012 vote on proposed constitutional amendment, with graphics about recent polls

Articles from the anti-marriage-equality group Minnesota Family Council’s website that were later removed


Raw footage from the Minnesota Capitol as the House floor vote is taken and immediately afterward

Two Conservative Americans change their mind about gay marriage

A young female Republican from Minnesota, Madeline Koch, offers testimony in support of marriage equality in front of the Minnesota Senate

Minnesota Representative Tim Kelly (R-Red Wing) speaks out against the proposed constitutional amendment about defining (restricting) marriage

California voters talk about how they feel toward same-sex marriage and why they voted the way they did on Proposition 8

Iowa grandmother supports her gay son and speaks out in favor of gay marriage

Two of TV’s “Golden Girls” talk about how marriage is about love, not about gender


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